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COURTS    OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC.                31!

the Plover was off the rocks and moored in safety.
I immediately sent off a large sloop with water
and provisions, and the sailors we had brought

I have written to General Waltershoff for a
Danish frigate to carry me up to St. Kitts. I
am at Mr. Georges', whose house is on the most
beautiful bay in the world.

May zjth, at Sea.

At noon, on the 24th, the Danish brig-of-war
Longax arrived with Mr. Hagen, one of the com-
missioners, and at night we embarked. We have
been becalmed ever since, and have made little

Before I left Tortola I rode over a large pro-
portion of the island, which is very mountainous.
In many parts the sugar plantations are carried
up to the summit of the hills. Some of the best
houses are also on the heights, and enjoy fine air
and admirable prospects. Their gardens lie in
some sheltered gully, where there are springs of
water. The ways up are narrow, rugged and
steep, but the horses are so accustomed to them
that no accident ever happens.